The laboratory solution for company laboratories

The company laboratory uses the basic functions of the iLIMS. Neither CRM and sales nor test functions are required. In this respect, the procedure in the company laboratory is also the basic process for all other laboratory types. By using appropriate additional modules, iLIMS can be quickly and easily adapted to the individual processes in each company laboratory.

Optimised and rapid acquisition of measured values is the most important requirement in the company laboratory. If the data does not come from the measuring instruments via interface, iLIMS supports measured value acquisition by means of its unique pivot function, with which input masks are generated according to the order-related scope of the parameters.

 Alternative Erfassungsmöglichkeit in Tabelle nach Proben und Parametern


Basic functions
  • Variable search functions (released, overdue, ...)   
  • Limit values are internal and are set by the company itself and affect production
  • Consideration of dilution factors
Order management
  • The starting point is a laboratory order. This is created either manually or else comes from production via an interface.
  • Orders can easily be copied and re-dispatched with a new date
  • Orders with cyclic repetition possible (daily, weekly, monthly, ...)
  • Assignment to operating areas and products
Sample management
  • Sampling plans with task control
  • Assignment of laboratory areas or resources, parameter ranges, individual parameters and test equipment possible
Measured value acquisition
  • Tabular fast entry (sample, values)
  • Release and lock via status on the order (no workflows or ToDo necessary)
  • Calculation of results from measured values
  • Import of measurement data from devices
Monitoring of specifications and limit values
  • Real-time response to limit value violations
  • Graphical visualisation during acquisition
Evaluations and reports
  • Creation of test reports with the integrated report designer
  • Automatic distribution or filing of test reports
  • Statistical and graphical evaluations
  • Extended documentation if accredited 
External allocation of test tasks
  • The company laboratory has a limited portfolio and limited technological capabilities.
  • Special test tasks are partly allocated to external companies. These external laboratories and tasks can be managed in the iLIMS Basis.
Processing external orders
  • The ordering parties (business partners) are mainly internal
  • Orders from external parties are an exception for better utilisation of laboratory capacity
  • In these cases, it can be useful to add CRM and sales
  • See Contract laboratories

Additional modules

Design tools
  • Report designer
  • Inspector/Dashboard
Document management
  • Automatic archiving of documents in the database or file system
  • Storing any documents on iLIMS data records
  • Linking documents from the archive with any number of objects
Materials management

All warehouse tasks are managed in Material and Warehouse Management.

  • Inventory accounting
  • Multi-inventory management
  • Material disposition
  • Inventory processingPosting key
  • Continuous inventory monitoring
  • Order proposals
  • Material availability
Test equipment management
  • Maintenance and test plans with feedback and evaluations
  • Relationship to commercial asset accounting
  • Status, blocking of test equipment depending on rules for current test tasks
Control charts
  • Data management for quality assurance
  • Out-of-control scenarios and measures
Laboratory equipment connection