iLIMS - the fully integrated solution

By installing commercial extension modules such as CRM, sales, project management and accounting, iLIMS laboratory management can be expanded into a fully integrated solution. In contract laboratories, this enables the mapping of the entire value-added process from sample receipt to invoicing in one system without media disruption.

A list and description of the extensions that are offered can be found below:

CRM (Customer Management)
  • The iLIMS CRM gives comprehensive support for your business processes in the area of sales, marketing and service. This provides you with the foundation for long-term marketing of your range of services, adapting them to individual customer needs and incorporating industry-specific requirements.
  • Our CRM software automatically differentiates between business partners, prospective customers, clients, partners and suppliers.
  • You can use our CRM software to record contracts and partner definitions, and to map and manage group structures.
  • A core feature of iLIMS CRM is the management of activities such as emails, telephone calls, conversations, meetings, appointments, visit reports, as well as offers, projects and contracts.
  • With iLIMS CRM, you can create sales campaigns flexibly, execute them, and then evaluate the data.
  • The iLIMS CRM integrates flexibly into your existing IT landscape. Bidirectional connection with Microsoft Outlook, David/FX or Lotus Notes is provided for this purpose. 
Merchandise management
  • The iLIMS merchandise management system includes all functions ranging from the offer right up to invoicing in sales, and from the order to invoice verification in purchasing.
  • It is based on item management with price lists.
  • Offers can be created individually and revised repeatedly. The history is preserved by the version management, so that you can go back to an earlier version at any time.
  • The commercial order contains supervisory services, inspection, scope of inspection or inspection plan as items.
  • The automatic creation of laboratory orders from existing, open customer orders simplifies the basic process.
  • The integrated purchasing functions supplement the system as required.
Warehouse management
  • The iLIMS warehousing system is the perfect complement to merchandise management
  • Multi-warehouse management with warehouse and storage area
  • Static and chaotic warehousing
  • Attributes such as residual lengths, serial numbers, batches, etc., are included
  • Material availability (disposition account) can be determined at any time
  • FiFo (First in, First out) is supported
  • Benefit from low inventory levels, low warehousing costs and reduced downtime due to lack of material
  • Create automatic order proposals and make use of the continuous end-of-period inventory
Project management
  • You can structure your projects freely. Orders are generally projects. However, you can also create a single project from several orders.
  • Combination of project controlling and resource management
  • Definition of project templates facilitate the start phase and make knowledge from completed projects available to all users
  • The resources available to iLIMS include its own and external employees, as well as systems, equipment and also chemicals.
  • Basic functions include resource planning, resource availability and project costing.
Financial accounting
  • Automatic posting of invoices from the bill
  • Comprehensive evaluations and analyses with key financial figures and liquidity analysis, customer creditworthiness, etc.
  • Individual evaluations such as balance sheet, P&L or business assessment
  • Automated dunning and payment transactions
  • Display of the OPs and postings in the CRM and any other program point with reference to the customer
  • Closing activities such as UvA, monthly and annual financial statements, etc.
  • Can be extended to include asset accounting and group management
Cost Accounting/Controlling
  • Cost centre accounting, cost unit accounting and cost-type accounting
  • In addition, 10 freely selectable additional criteria for evaluations
  • Various allocation methods
  • Operational accounting sheet (Betriebsabrechnungsbogen; BAB) and pivot evaluations