The laboratory solution for research laboratories


We are currently developing a preconfigured solution for research laboratories with the support of the ESF. Compared to other laboratories (company laboratories, contract laboratories), the procedure in the research laboratory is considerably different. It receives its research assignments from production and it defines and executes concrete tests with extensive autonomy. The focus is on achieving a technical result and not on commercially billable profit. Commercial orders by a third party are the exception.

Resources and deadlines are therefore the most important key figures in organisational terms. A test has a chronological sequence and requires the use of resources. The test conditions must be documented. Measured values are only partially recorded. Limit values play a subordinate role. Unlike the other types of laboratories, the process here focusses on the test.

In contrast to traditional company laboratories or contract laboratories, research involves the use of special functions such as test progress management. iLIMS can be adapted to your individual needs via the integration of different additional modules.


Alternativer Auftrag für Betriebs- und Forschungslabore mit zusätzlich definiertem Ablauf und Wiederholungsmessungen nach verschiedenen Bearbeitungsschritten der Proben


Laboratory management
Materials management
  • Material types
  • Quantities
  • Storage locations
  • Wastage
  • Properties
  • Used in which orders 
Test order
  • A special form of laboratory order
  • Recording of planned hours per day and resource
  • Items are tests with assignment of materials
  • For each test, there are test steps with start/end time, sequence, and status
Test templates
  • Sample for test orders
  • This allows tests to be scheduled and duplicated automatically
Test Progress Management
  • Overview of which test steps are currently running
Test Step Management
  • For easy recording of feedback for each test step
Graphical representation of the test results
  • Binnings, graphics and other options for visualisation of results
Project management
  • Possibility of expansion through integrated project management
  • Assignment of tests to projects

Additional modules

We recommend the following additional modules in the research laboratory:

Design tools
  • Report designer
  • Mask designer
  • Business process designer
Document management
  • Automatic archiving of iLIMS documents in the database or file system
  • Storing any documents on iLIMS data records
  • Linking documents from the archive with any number of iLIMS objects
Chemicals management
  • Typing
  • Stocks 
  • Multi-stage material components
  • Movements
  • Chemical stock
  • Chemical assignments of mixtures to ingredients
  • Chemical recipes
Materials management with inventory management
  • Additions/disposals
  • Used in which tests
  • Properties
  • Material groups
  • Stock per batch