Full package for small labs

We provide a special offer for laboratories with only 5 same-time-users. This is a full package which is adjusted to the special requirements and needs of small labs. From the highly attractive price of 26.480 Euro, you will benefit from this innovative and highly flexible software solution.

Our offer includes the following services:

Implementation work-shop

In accordance with your requirements and processes and in line with technical possibilities, our consultants will spend a day-long workshop at your facilities. At the end of this workshop we will know your lab processes in detail and have set up an implementation strategy together. 

Lab administration for orders, samples, parameters and measured data

With our basic module, the whole process of data gathering can be displayed: from orders and samples to the compilation and import of results and final reporting. It contains the master data administration for clients, parameters, procedures, sample plans, limits and further features.

We have special offers for different industries (contract lab for: standard, food or water/environment; in-house and research labs). Therefore this software is pre-configurated in reference to your demands.


Report designer for internal use reports and evaluation

The product of your laboratory is the audit report. It has to be visually appealing, flexibly adaptable and partly specific to the client. All these features are ensured by our report designer i-Net. In opposition to other report designers, it does not access the data base tables directly, but you are enabled to fill in all fields structured and with clear names from the data model into your reports. In order to generate reports you do not have to be a data base expert.

Inspector to individual user interface adjustment

Standard software has to display the requirements of different clients. Mostly there are too many or too few arrays on the interface. This makes it difficult for any lab assistant to be trained to use this system. iLIMS - inspector contains all possibilities of individual adjustment for all modules according to your requirements. Arrays and tabs can be added, deleted and newly arranged. The individually configurated modules can be memorized according to their roles. This enables our clients to have measured data administration in reference to their field of work – data analysis from microbiology looks different to data from chemical arrays. The inspector ensures that you only work with the arrays you truly need and iLIMS can be updated without loss of configuration.


The dashboard is the start screen of our laboratory management system iLIMS. It is highly flexible in its usage and enables the user to clearly display data and evaluation. Beyond the integration of News-feeds and calendar display versions, gadgets can be illustrated. General Data is summarized in tables and charts that give an easy overview, for instance upcoming lab orders. The dashboard is mainly made for management or lab supervisors. At a glance all important information is displayed, it can be used on-the-road with any mobile electronic device.

Screenshot Dashboard


The package includes all expenses for a total of up to 10 days project management, intensive training and support. We will instruct you how to configurate your iLIMS and how to adjust it to your future demands. This enables you to become independent from our support in the event of future changes.

LIMS for small labs

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