The industry-specific laboratory solution

By specialising iLIMS to various laboratory sectors, we have enabled the customised use of one of the most modern, flexible and efficient laboratory information and management systems in your laboratory. 

For industries in the field of FoodWine & BeveragesWater & Environment, Testing of Substances & Materials,  as well as Pharma, all processes in the respective laboratory can be mapped and managed according to your needs, from the receipt of order right up to the test report/certificate/calibration certificate. In this, iLIMS meets the requirements for touch capability and data entry on mobile end devices as effectively as those for data acquisition with barcodes, RFIDs or data pens. We have developed industry-specific solutions for every industry in accordance with their legal specifications, standards and individual requirements, which will provide your laboratory with the following advantages:

  • Mapping and optimisation of your individual laboratory processes
  • Designing more efficient workflows including capacity planning for your employees and laboratory equipment
  • Better focus of your employees on the actual laboratory activity
  • Reducing errors by avoiding manual input of measured values
  • Facilitating the search for processed orders
  • Simplifying dispatch of test reports or notifications to authorities via integrated interfaces
  • Extensive evaluation options for your measurement data


Laboratory solution for food laboratories

The food industry places high demands on contract laboratories as contractors. Every customer has individual requirements that range from test reports right up to specific terminology. iLIMS provides the perfect tools and ready-made solutions for this.

image | laboratory solution for food laboratories

The right functions for your food laboratory

Specifications for trade chains and customer specifications
  • Provision of incoming and outgoing interfaces for data transfer with trade chains
  • Import of planned orders from file formats that are specific to trade chains or customers
  • Storage of the trade chain assignment for better pre-selection of data in the laboratory process
  • Trade chain-specific data evaluations and calculations
  • Storing evaluation regulations (e.g., ARfD) including evaluation via parameters and parameter groups
  • Saving the maximum number of active substances depending on customer and product
  • Marking of marketability
  • Recording and documenting microbiological batches with dilution stages
  • Determining the culture media requirement for each batch
  • Documenting observations regarding confirmation reactions
  • Simple recording of results via barcode scan
Assessment of the results
  • Product limit values for direct testing during measured value acquisition
  • Limit value assignment for items/products
  • Automatic updating of limit values from the EU pesticides database
  • Recording and storage of freely definable properties for samples and orders and support in defining properties using templates
  • Automatic generation of evaluation texts
  • Photo documentation from sample receipt up to transmission of result
  • Planning and management of sensory tests
  • Pesticide statistics for the plausibility check of measurement results according to product, country of origin, substance, etc.

Wine & Beverage

Laboratory solution for wine & beverage laboratories

The partnership with Göttert Software, which has existed since 2015, has enabled us to develop the most modern laboratory solution for wine and beverage laboratories. The extremely flexible, industry-specific solution is based on Mr. Peter Göttert's many years of experience in wine analysis, while at the same time, the modern technology of iLIMS allowed the system to be fully configured for the user.

image | laboratory solution for wine & beverage laboratories

The right functions for your wine & beverage laboratory

Extensions for GLIMS users
  • Freely scalable laboratory system for 5 to 500 employees
  • Platform-independent software based on Java
  • ISO-9001 certified with support for GMP/FDA, etc.
  • Direct communication with the customer via web portal
  • Free adaptation of the user interface by the user without programming knowledge
  • Tables and outlines that can be prepared flexibly according to different aspects by Drag&Drop
Functions derived from GLIMS
  • Automatic recommendation of fining agents
  • Complete management of fining agents (inventory management, ordering, delivery notes)
  • Methods, formulas and tests that can be defined flexibly
  • Interfaces to measuring instruments/GLIMS measuring station software
Additional benefits through iLIMS
  • Automation/acceleration of routine operations
  • Time saving by means of integrated invoice generation
  • Basis for successful accreditation by means of secure documentation and reproducibility of data

Water & Environmental

Laboratory solution for water & environmental laboratories

The industry-specific solution contains all the functions required to fulfil the specific accreditation requirements in this area, in particular, the extended traceability required by the DAkkS.

The package also includes:

  • Interfaces Octoware, TEIS3, ADDIS, SEBAM and Twist, including the necessary limit value and statutory tests
  • Other focal points of the module include the additional documentation functions and the tests of the measured values against the limit values directly during the recording or during import
  • The management of sampling locations and further interfaces to authorities are also included.


Users of our environmental laboratory solution also chose the following modules:

  • Microbiological parameters of the qualitative type including testing against guideline value
  • Recording and documenting microbiological batches with dilution stages
  • Determining the culture media requirement for each batch
  • Documenting observations regarding confirmation reactions
  • Simple recording of results via barcode scan
  • Documentation in microbiological batches in the form of images in DMS and printout of reports of selected documents
Sampling plan
  • Creation of orders in the recording scheme
  • Pre-planned automated creation of recurring samples including examination packages and additional information
  • With Material Withdrawal Reference Tool
  • Maintenance of examination methods according to German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt; UBA) approval
Examination plan
  • Manual scheduling or control of the task for automatic scheduling
Resource planning
  • Assignment of employees and test equipment to measurement tasks of a sample
  • Recording expenditure in hours
  • Assignment of employees and test equipment to active test elements (parameter procedure of a sample)
  • Recording expenditure in hours
  • Graphical evaluation of the allocation
  • Test plans - Test tasks - Action - Managing equipment and/or employees
Multi-level release
  • Assignment of employees and test equipment to measurement tasks of a sample
  • Recording expenditure in hours
  • Assignment of employees and test equipment to active test elements (parameter procedure of a sample)
  • Recording expenditure in hours
  • Graphical evaluation of the allocation
  • Test plans - Test tasks - Action - Managing equipment and/or employees
Route planning
  • Management of the travel times for each route and, if required, also the cost evaluation of the resources used
  • Planning of customer visits or sample takers by connecting the selected customers
  • Creation and optimisation of the travel plan with Google Maps

Substances & Materials

Laboratory solution for laboratories that test substances & materials

Destructive and non-destructive tests for substances and materials:

  • Working with test steps, test templates, multiple tests also possible
  • Development of business processes
  • Tests according to DIN EN ISO 17025
  • Creation of qualitative and quantitative parameters
  • Recording procedural inaccuracies
  • Maintenance and management of standards, ordinances and instructions
  • Development of examination plans
  • Possibility of project-oriented order processing

image | laboratory solution for laboratories that test substances & materials

Users of our materials laboratory solution also chose the following modules:

Batch management
  • Management of batches of products
  • Development of specific number ranges
Test equipment management
  • Management of test equipment/laboratory equipment with master data
  • Capacity planning and recording of equipment tests
  • Possible supplementing of test equipment management through control chart/control card management 

Other integrated functions:

  • Test plans for maintenance and calibration
  • Mapping of test equipment and accessories
  • Automatic notification of upcoming deadlines
  • Blocking of test equipment in the case of failed tests
  • Connection of test equipment with active test elements allows feedback at the time of measurement (e.g., OutOfControl)
Report designer
  • Preparation of test reports, supply notes, delivery documents and certificates
  • Integration of a digital signature (optional)
Organisational units
  • Separate organisation of laboratories or locations (e.g., clients > company > branch > sub-regions)
  • Access control via authorisations and roles
Laboratory equipment connection
  • Intelligent equipment control iCONTROL:
    • Scanning of samples at the iCONTROL workstation
    • Display of the necessary work steps and tests from iLIMS on the touch display
    • Switching to display of SOP from iLIMS QM management
    • Automatic display of measured values on the display
    • Direct transfer of the measurement results after completion of the necessary work


Laboratory solution for pharma

The regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical sector require comprehensive documentation. iLIMS provides all functions required for compliance with GXP/FDA guidelines and DIN ISO 17025 and enables an efficient workflow. The required functionality was last checked and qualified by the PTA in 2019 as part of the qualification support for GxP compliance. The package includes

  • validations (plan, analyses, evaluation and documentation, report and, if applicable, expense costs) generally for material groups or specifically for each customer and material with different prices
    • verification
    • validation
    • method transfer
    • revalidation
  • indicator on individual test, whether test method has been created, validated or verified
  • versions of the pharmacopoeias and number of the monograph can be deposited at test methods or directly at test
  • different limits for tests depending on pharmacopoeia or agreement
  • monitoring the existence of customer and material specific "Quality-Agreements" as a document on the order (requires iLIMS DMS)
  • different GMP states configurable (GMP/nonGMP/ISO or special variations)
  • supports the Sila2 device interface standard and archives device data in the open AnIML format

Bild | Laborlösung für Labore im Pharmabereich

Additional functions for your pharmaceutical laboratory

Stability Studies
  • planning of studies with calculation of required samples and preparation of an offer from the calculation
  • capacity planning in the stabi chambers (requires iLIMS Capacity Planning)
  • scheduling of different batches, orientations, packaging types, storage conditions
  • mapping of measurement data in a control chart over the study period (requires iLIMS control charts)
  • separate calculation of storage and analysis costs (requires iLIMS Sales)
  • barcode-supported storage and retrieval of study material with monitoring of the available remaining quantity
  • automatic creation of planned samples before the necessary analysis with notification of the responsible persons for clear laboratory and analysis planning
GXP/FDA validation
  • support of the GXP/FDA validation by using an online ticket system throughout the project
  • ticket system with a fixed structure and interconnections:
    • requirements specification tickets
    • technical specification tickets
    • project tasksd
    • evelopment tasks
  • documentation of user-specific functions directly in the Wiki of the online ticketing system
  • GXP/FDA compliant documentation of development tasks
  • project documentation is the basis for validation and reduces the validation effort
Validated printing and scanning process
  • tracking of all printouts made per lab order with unique ID, time and user identification
  • printing of paginated blank sheets with barcode for re-import to facilitate the keeping of a laboratory journal
  • automatic import of printed documents with handwritten notes through scanning process and assignment to the original document in the supplied DMS basic system
  • release of imported documents in the 4-eyes principle and subsequent destruction
  • saving in PDF-A format
  • optionally, the laboratory notebook can also be managed completely within the system using the eLaborjournal
GXP/FDA specifica
  • qualification of iLIMS according to GXP/FDA
  • additional password request for sensitive functions (multi-level approvals also for master data)
  • extended audit trail (when data is changed, a justification must be recorded and stored in the audit trail log)
  • maintenance and administration of standards, regulations and instructions (requires iLIMS Quality Management)
  • linking of SOPs to functions in iLIMS (if you have not read the corresponding SOP, you are not allowed to execute the corresponding functions)
  • additional Skill Management module for managing the job content or training matrix of all employees
Process tracking
  • templates for entire laboratory processes with work steps e.g. for sample preparation, sample division, multiple measurements/double determinations, calculation of target values
  • deposit of users or teams, test equipment or type of test equipment, planned time, tests to be performed, chemicals required at each step of the process
  • feedback of work steps (who, when, what with which devices and chemical batches)
  • mapping of complex mixtures (preparations, recipes) and their tracking at the work step via the used batch to the goods receipt (requires iLIMS purchasing module)