Smartlab & Analytik Tag

On November 14, the Smartlab Innovationsnetzwork met for its 10th network meeting in Duisburg. The network of user laboratories, medium-sized companies and research institutions has set itself the goal of developing and standardizing innovative laboratory technologies under the term "Labor 4.0". The automation and digitalization of existing laboratory processes play a central role in this.

At the 3rd AnalytikTag following the network meeting, the topics of automation, digitalization and data security were also the focus of the event. In addition to technical presentations, well-known industrial companies presented current solutions for laboratory automation at the associated user exhibition.The most impressive and descriptive presentation was entitled "Live Hacking". Speaker Marco Di Filippo used the example of a well-known energy supplier to show how difficult it is to protect oneself from targeted attacks from the Internet. With just a few clicks, he impressed the auditorium in his live hacking show and sensitized everyone present. The conclusion of the presentation was to have passwords generated automatically, to avoid duplicate use of passwords and to use a password safe to manage the amount of login data.

Finally, we would like to thank the host Institut für Energie- und Umwelttechnik e.V. and  EurA AG for the planning and successful execution of the events.


INTEGRIS LIMS presents the laboratory software iLIMS at the 3rd AnalytikTag in DuisburgUser meeting on automation and digitizationAutomation of laboratory processes by iCONTROL