Team of consulters gets 2 new members!

With the introduction of iLIMS 3.0 at the end of the year 2014 and the current focus of our software development on the food industry, we are able to announce a positive interim result - after the first quarter of 2015. In order to build on this success, we are working on the extension of the LIMS sector for research labs and research institutions.

For this reason we hired two new employees as consulters. Mr. Marx and Mr. Schneider, both having a PhD in biochemistry, are working at CSS since the beginning of April and actively engage within the consulting team. They have many years of experience in research labs and come to the team with fresh ideas. Primarily, they will guide research labs through the introduction of iLIMS. Future plans for them include the integration in the development of research lab software – across sectors.

After the first few weeks of adjustment, we would like to welcome Dr. Marx and Dr. Schneider officially and we look forward to a productive and creative collaboration.