iLIMS Version 2019/01

Version 2019/01 of our laboratory software iLIMS is now available. New features are described in detail in the change documentation. Highlights of the current version are among others:

Test equipment concept revised
  • Test equipment management functionally completely redesigned
  • Test equipment can have components that represent own test equipment with all functions
  • Management of test tasks and test results as well as their limit values analogous to the measured value acquisition
  • Test equipment can be given the property "calibrator", which differs in calibrator types
Improvement of the automated import of images
  • Storage of a scaling when importing images via the "Import digital documents" dialog
  • Import order of the documents to be imported is determined by the modification time or the name
  • Complete process automation during import via drag & drop possible
Statistical data on measured values for multiple determinations

  • For measurements with several measurement results (e.g. multiple determinations) the number of necessary measurements can be stored at the parameter procedure
  • When the preset number of measurements is reached, a new, calculated measurement is automatically generated, on which the statistical values (mean value, median, standard deviation, minimum and maximum) are additionally calculated and stored
New class Appearance on the sample
  • Sample has new class "Appearance
  • Process-related limits (determination limit, etc.) can be defined for a parameter procedure for different manifestations of a sample (e.g. gaseous, dry, etc.)
pdf-a compatibility
  • Long-term archiving of PDF documents during report generation at the distribution via PDF-A format possible
Quick changeover in the measurement module
  • Time-controlled or manual query of the user at shared workstations
  • Possibility of joint data acquisition in the opened measurement mask in alternation
Sample reference to LIMS invoice position created
  • Invoice items have been given a reference to the sample for better structuring of invoices
  • Invoices can be structured and condensed by sample
Change quantities of billing items without linking to active inspection element and additional services
  • Manual entry of additional billing items on the laboratory order
  • Quantity can be maintained manually at existing positions without reference to the measurement
Improved visualization for limit value violations
  • Fundamental improvement of the visualization
  • Additional amber traffic light marking for violation of warning values
  • A violation is displayed immediately after entry and not only when saving
Parameter calculation allows the testing of a technical limit
  •     Test for technical limits in formulas for calculated parameters possible
Improvement of test report dispatch

The stored mail template has been given extended functions, so that a signature including graphics can also be transferred from the template. The address data can already be assigned in the template as follows:
  • from customer
  • from invoice customer
  • from end customer
  • from official contact (e.g. dispatch to public health authorities drinking water)
Limit value filter options

To automate the limit value assignment, additional criteria were introduced in the limit value master data. In the administration "Limit value restriction" there is now the assistant for limit value installations with the following criteria (old and new):
  • Limit value basis, limit value category
  • Tapping point, tapping point group, tapping point type
  • Material, material group, material type
  • Country of origin, customer, research environment

Based on these assignments in the master data, the function "Reinitialize limit values" automatically finds all suitable limit values on the sample.


Analytical limits for measured value acquisition can be overridden
  • Copy of analytical limits (limit of quantification, limit of detection, etc.) to the active test element and possibility to make changes deviating from the master data
Extension of the functionalities on the material and the use of material on the sample
  • Differentiation between sampling point and sample material has been consistently developed further
  • By assigning a material to the sample and the possibility to define spectra and limit values in the master data with material reference, iLIMS can now automatically assign the scope of analysis and limit values to the sample during sample acquisition
Free category on the assignment key
  • To group the assignment keys, they can be assigned to a free category
Preparation methods and preparation measurement sequences

  • Process definition has been extended by the type "Preparation process
  • Measuring sequences can now be generated additionally from the preparation
Printing based on analyses

  • Assignment of an analysis or search query to a report in the report management
  • Reports can be included in the menu and started from there
  • Report generation is based on the parameters of the analysis at startup
  • Simplify complex reports and start without the need for administration
  • Acceleration of data preparation and report generation, as the analyses perform the data collection close to the database