iLIMS Version 2020/1

Version 2020 of our laboratory software iLIMS is now available. Innovations and bug fixes are described in detail in the change documentation. Highlights of the current version include

Revision of capacity/resource planning

  • Test equipment and/or personnel can be scheduled in a calendar
  • Test steps (work steps) can be assigned to the selected test equipment and/or personnel under consideration of the given sequence and free capacities
  • Extensive improvement of usability and clarity of the planned work steps

Extension Workflow

  •     Convenient input in the workflow via barcode scanner
  •     Mail dispatch as Quickmail or via template possible
  •     Improved print functionality in the workflow
  •     Creation of responsible persons via workflow
  •     Improved usability of environment parameters


Editing notes in teams

  • Notes can be edited by teams, provided the team is assigned to the note


Revision of the LIMS invoice manager

  • In the future, the LimsFakturaManager will replace the LimsInvoiceManager
  • Invoicing of laboratory services in the laboratory order with the functions "Generate orders" and "Generate invoices" can be done with one click
  • Definition of order and item grouping for the creation of orders and invoices

Printer configuration

  • Possibility to add a specific printer to the form
  • Direct printing without dialog

New role "Report Designer

  • Reports of type inet-Clear can only be edited with the role "Report Designer


Revision of rule/control charts

  • Control cards linked with validity
  • Revised visualization of the control card
  • Message creation for simple border violations


Work lists

  • New module "M4000326 - WorklistManager" for structured work of laboratory technicians
  • Structure via the column "Preparation by sample", which shows the active test element for each sample and preparation method
  • Individual configuration of the outline column in the Limse SettingsManager "Preparation by sample
  • All functions of the active test element are linked to the Worklist module e.g. "Start Preparation Wizard" to create the preparation sequence

Entry of the reason for change (GMP)

  • Definition is done in the protocol definition
  • Object-related reasons can be enforced during input or saving


Revision of the QM module

  • Password request for revision creation/release via QM specifications
  • Integration of the release plugin


Skill management

  • Maintenance of skills in the module Process Identifier Administration and Parameter Administration via the "Qualifications" tab for the process and in particular for process assignment parameters
  • Skill authorization query for Lims functions


Conditional checks

  • Activation of subsequent tests in the laboratory order in case of limit value violations
  • Definition of the underlying rules on the parameter scope
  • Control combination via And/Or operation


Revision Observer

  • Activity type/activity text can be maintained
  • Number of repetitions can be set


Revision of gadgets

  • Option "editable" allows the direct input of simple attributes