Innovation Prize 2015

State winner of Innovation Prize IT

Award ceremony for the most innovative LIMS

Our long-awaited wish for meeting our business partner INTEGRIS was not an easy task to pursue, because of the long distance between Dresden and Konz at the Luxembourg border. In order to keep expenses low for both parties, we agreed to meet halfway between - in Bamberg. As many of our colleagues had not been in that small beautiful town in the Franconian Saxony before, we skipped our usual work out for sightseeing. Despite the unpleasant weather conditions, which were not made for a nice stroll in the city, we made the best of it. The tour around the city gave us interesting historic details. We visited the borough Klein-Venedig and the historic city hall which was built in the river Regnitz and belongs to the UNESCO world heritage. Our mood improved even more after consuming the regional specialty “Rauchbier” (beer with smoke flavor).

In the evening all colleagues and their families gathered at the hotel located at the Regnitz. Before opening the buffet, Bernd Koschitzki (CSS LIMS GmbH) used the opportunity of this gathering and presented the Innovation Prize “IT” to the staff, an award which was granted just a few days ago. The prize was given to Thomas Kern, CEO of INTEGRIS, as a gesture. The Initiative Mittelstand awarded us with the Innovation Prize and with the title BEST of 2015, a recognition for the most innovative solution in Saxony. INTEGRIS has been playing a big part in this development, therefore we would like to thank them again for all their hard work. After some toast to iLIMS, the most flexible software at the market, the buffet was opened and we indulged ourselves in Franconian specialties. After one or two more beers the convivial evening found its end.

After breakfast the official part of our trip was finished. Some of our colleagues used the opportunity to more individual sightseeing, others went on to the Franconian Saxony to do some hiking or climbing in bright sunshine. We remember this as a pleasant weekend where we met our colleagues and counterparts from Konz. The event strengthened our team spirit for any future project.

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