Membership in IT-Mittelstand e.V.

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The Federal association IT middle class registered association.is an industry association for small and medium-sized IT companies, which is committed to free access to technology and promotes technological innovations in a targeted manner. Following the positive decision of the board of directors, CSS LIMS GmbH was accepted into the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (Federal Association of IT Medium-Sized Enterprises) on June 1, 2015.

We have consciously decided to become a member of BITMi, as the interests of small and medium-sized businesses are represented here in particular, and not just those of large corporations or government institutions. We were decisively inspired by Mr. Harald Dittmar. As managing director of the company sys-pro he has been working actively in BITMi for years and recommended us for membership.

In addition to the representation of interests by BITMi, we are planning to ISO-9001 Certification in order to organize our processes even better and thus meet the quality requirements of our customers. The lean composite certification enables us to achieve compliance with the standards without disrupting the operative business. We will keep you informed about the progress of our ISO-9001 certification.