New iLIMS Version 2018

The 2018 version of our laboratory management system iLIMS is now available. The complete change documentation describes the new features in detail. A briefing on the full functionality of the new version will take place on 29.09.2018 in Dresden as part of our advanced training course. The most important changes in this version include

Delivery of i-net Version 17

  • Improved compression of PDF files in DMS    Possibility to integrate multipage PDF files into reports
  • (Update to i-net 17 requires creation of a new license key and entry in the properties)

Improvement of the shipping functionalities

  • Improvement and extension of the module shipping positions
  • Initialization of shipping items from template with regard to address and communication data

Test equipment usability and hierarchical systems with components

  • Maintenance and monitoring of test equipment with several components and different inspection specifications per component possible
  • Integration of usabilities at the test equipment as well as the components

Limit value restrictions can also be used for test equipment

  • The limit value restrictions are now also implemented on the test equipment and thus visualize limit value violations during the tests

Statistical data on the active test element

  • Definition of multiple measurements in the master data of the parameters possible (statistics calculation is done after completion of the single measured values)

Limit value test directly after entering the measured value

  • Triggering of limit testing and visualization (limit status) directly after the measured value input

New iLIMS Updater

  • Updater allows an easier execution of the update process

Preparation process

  • Maintenance and reporting of preparation procedures for samples in the system possible


Research environment

  • Integration of new sample properties (test environment)
  • Simplification of parameter management by defining limits depending on the examination environment (organic, kosher, diet, etc.)