Reference customers

BioCheck - Laboratory for Veterinary Diagnostics and Environmental Hygiene

Products: iLIMS, CRM, sales, financial accounting

Chemical Institute Burkon

Products: iLIMS, industry solution food, report designer, DMS

Cenata GmbH

Products: iLIMS, Reportdesigner, DMS, Life Science, QM, CRM, Sales, Financial accounting, MT940

DBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum

Products: iLIMS, Dashboard, Inspector, Mask Designer, Report Designer, Sales, Test Equipment Management, DMS, Measurement Data Transfer


Products: iLIMS, Report Designer, CRM

DuBay Polymer GmbH

Products: iLIMS, Reportdesigner, DMS, SN Labware, Info-User, Test Equipment, Control Charts

Ecowest Entsorgungsverbund Westfalen GmbH

Products: iLIMS, Reportdesigner, DMS

EnBW - Energie Baden-Württemberg AG

Products: iLIMS, Report Designer, Dashboard, Inspector, Test equipment management, Control Charts, Sales

ERGO Umweltinstitut GmbH

Products: iLIMS, Report Designer, DMS, CRM, Sales, Project Management

Forschungsinstitut für Wärmeschutz e.V. München

Products: iLIMS, test equipment management

Labor Friedle GmbH

Products: iLIMS, Report Designer, CRM, Sales, DMS, Workflow, Web Portal

Fritsch GmbH

Products: iLIMS, Reportdesigner, DMS

Hansgrohe SE

Products: iLIMS, report designer, DMS, inspector, dashboard, capacity planning

Institute of Doping Analysis und Sports Biochemistry Dresden

Products: iLIMS, Report Designer, Mask Designer, DMS, Inspector, Dashboard, Sales

Industrie- und Umweltlaboratorium Vorpommern GmbH

Products: iLIMS, Report Designer, Sales, Financial Accounting, CRM, DMS, Inspector, SN zu Theiss

Labor für Wasser und Umwelt GmbH

Products: iLIMS, Report Designer, Sales

Salzburg AG

Products: iLIMS, Data Import, Report Designer, Sales

Royal-Service GmbH

Products: iLIMS, Dashboard, Inspector, Test Equipment Management, Chemical Management, Legionella Process, Report Designer, Sales, DMS

Tentamus Group GmbH

Products: iLIMS, dashboard, workflow, test equipment management, chemical management, capacity planning, report designer, CRM, sales, DMS

UFAG Laboratorien AG

Products: iLIMS, Dashboard, Test Equipment Management, Chemical Management, Capacity Planning, Control Charts, Financial accounting, Ticket System

Wartig Nord Analytik GmbH

Products: iLIMS, Dashboard, Report Designer, DMS, SN DATEV, Workflow, Sales

MR Lab Agrarservice Rotenburg GmbH

Products: iLIMS, Industry solution Water & Environment

Customer testimonials

Dr. Kai Weigel
(Research assistant):

„iLims displays the whole procedure of our analytical and administrative activities with a high degree of transparency. The capability to support all processes from sample registration to result validation and invoicing has been the main reason for our decision to implement this software.“

LIMS-Referenz GWP

Dr. Julius Nickl
(Managing Director):

"iLIMS was our choice for an SAP-like ERP & CRM solution - with integrated lab part! With this we want to offer integrated services in materials engineering from many competences, experts and laboratories; this is my vision of "hybrid service bundles". iLIMS is really powerful and if we had not already developed our own software, the implementation would never have gone so quickly. The direct support from the managing director Bernd Koschitzki was worth its weight in gold," says Dr. Julius Nickl, managing director of GWP Gesellschaft für Werkstoffprüfung mbH.