Lab Management - made from one piece

iLIMS is a highly efficient and innovative laboratory information management system (LIMS) and allows data transfer without media disruption to a variety of integrated modules like CRM or Invoicing. Substantial configurative possibilities allow the software to be adjusted to the special requirements of each customer in accordance with the individual lab process. There is no better way to effectively managing your laboratory! 

The basis of our development is a JAVA framework, which allows users to work with this software independently from platform and database, as well as illustrating a multi-lingual interface or certain corporation structures. Our software iLIMS is the most configurable solution of LIMS currently at the market. Without programming the following tools are provided:

  • user interfaces can be adjusted to the end-user requirements
  • field functions and work flows are illustrated in accordance with the customers’ needs
  • report creation is available from basis without access to the database, any kind of changes possible for the customers’ individual demands

Changes are only saved through configuration which makes it possible to up-date the system. The implementation of the system is user-friendly and expenditureless than a third in comparison to systems of our competitors, because of the pre-configuration for several industries.

5 arguments for more efficiency and quality in your lab

Professional reporting

The edition and presentation of your results shapes your public image. The report designer, integrated in the system, allows the creation and enlargement of your reports. Next to the display of your data and findings it contains a graphics library and pivotal functions for more sophisticated reporting.

User-friendly functionalities for everyday working routines

iLIMS offers an intuitive introduction of the system. The individual definition of templates and graphical user interfaces as well as the free definition of processes builds a very user-friendly LIMS.

Simple data processing and saving of data

Transmission of findings to internal and external facilities is carried out without media disruption. Comparisons to existing data respectively calculations with further data are generated without difficulty. The final report is saved through integrated document-management functionalities and sent out automatically via post, fax or email to defined recipients.

Defining processes individually

Our workflow-module enables iLIMS the definition and supervision of processes. All functionalities are to be automatized in order to complete recurring processes within a maintained succession. Responsible users are notified and the status of samples and orders are being composed automatically.

Audit trail

iLIMS records each processing step within the data base, recording users and dates as well as quality (before and afterwards). Traceability is therefore guaranteed and audition requirements are fulfilled for your daily lab processes.