Laboratory solution

ERP system with LIMS connection

The laboratory solution for contract laboratories

In the traditional contract laboratory, the process begins with the acquisition, the offer and the order, that is, in the CRM. Depending on the depth and quality of the commercial order data, basic orders for the laboratory can be generated from a confirmed order at the touch of a button. Alternatively, the laboratory orders are created manually and only assigned to the commercial order. When the laboratory orders are completed, the subsequent activity, the accounting, can be triggered automatically in the workflow.

The contract laboratory usually has complex laboratory equipment and outsources testing tasks to external companies only in exceptional cases.

In addition to the basic functions for the recording of orders, samples, limit values and measured values, iLIMS also offers the perfect solution here. Both CRM and sales were developed on the same technological platform to enable you, as a user, to get a solution from a single source, without interfaces, and with a uniform user interface.


Beispiel mit Ansprechpartnern und Aktivitäten aus dem CRM

ERP solution

Complex authorisations and roles
  • In addition to the iLIMS standard roles (laboratory technician, laboratory manager, administrator), additional specific roles and rights are often required in the contract laboratory
  • iLIMS provides a wide range of possibilities for setting this up in a company-specific manner via the freely configurable role concept and authorisations for masks, attributes and data records
CRM (management of prospective customers/customers)
  • Legal and natural persons as business partners
  • Duplicate check for a qualitatively good data base
  • Management of all activities (reports, mails, telephone calls, ...) directly at the customer’s site
  • Execution of campaigns across the entire business partner portfolio
  • TAPI interface for direct telephone calls from customer management
  • Display of essential data from financial accounting (if available)
Sales (item, offer, order, invoice)
  • Item management with price lists
  • Offers with version management
  • Commercial order, contains supervisory services, inspection, scope of inspection or inspection plan as items
  • Automatic creation of laboratory orders from existing, open customer orders
Laboratory management
  • Contains all functions of iLIMS basis
  • Deviation is communicated to the customer promptly (e.g., mail dispatch to distribution list)
  • Test reports can be set up in a customer-specific manner
  • Further documentation can be filed and also sent to the customer
  • Customers can obtain direct access to their orders via web access (requires individual consulting)
  • Multi-stage approval workflow to ensure the necessary quality before sending the test reports
  • Accounting for laboratory services is performed directly from the LIMS
  • In addition, commercial orders without laboratory reference can be invoiced directly
  • Print or send invoices from the bill with automatic posting in iLIMS financial accounting or output a posting interface for external accounting

Addional modules

We recommend the following additional modules in the contract laboratory

Design tools
  • Report designer
  • Inspector/Dashboard
  • Business process designer
Workflow management
  • Graphical mapping and monitoring of business processes and voucher flow
  • Assignment of different actions to any node
  • Combination with ToDo management
Document management
  • Automatic archiving of iLIMS documents in the database or file system
  • Storing any documents on iLIMS data records
  • Linking documents from the archive with any number of iLIMS objects
Chemicals management
  • Typing
  • Stocks 
  • Multi-stage material components
  • Movements
  • Chemical stock
  • Chemical assignments of mixtures to ingredients
  • Chemical recipes
Test equipment management
  • Maintenance and test plans with feedback and evaluations
  • Relationship to commercial asset accounting
  • Status, blocking of test equipment depending on rules for current test tasks
Control charts
  • Data management for quality assurance
  • Out-of-control scenarios and measures
Multi-level release

Particularly in the case of larger laboratories, it is not sufficient for the laboratory technician to merely record measured values, re-check them and release them for the test report. As a complementary measure, a multi-level release can be established here. Each action is linked to a function, so that, for example, the laboratory manager receives a message via ToDo or email when a laboratory order is completed.