iLIMS Basis - software for your laboratory

Our software offers you a management solution of samples and lab procedures on an up-to-date JAVA-based architecture. Pre-configuration for contract-, industrial-, and research laboratories give you the opportunity for a quick start of basis configuration. At the same time you can adapt this system flexibly to your specific processes, which results in a step-by-step automation of your daily routines. Throughout this process of implementation you are fully supported by our specialists, who are experienced and worked many years as lab managers.

The following settings can be used, copied as templates or adapted:

  • user interface
  • LIMS applications
  • configuration (display and hide tabs and features in templates)
  • assigned functions
  • standardized use, model user
  • exemplary reports
  • search requests

With several commercial add-ons, iLIMS can be built up to a fully integrated software solution. Within this process we are not only your software supplier, but your business partner that delivers a complete and seamless system without media disruption. Furthermore, iLIMS offers you a comfortable range of changes and up-grading as well as comprehensive analyzing and adapting possibilities for your specific area of usage. The basic module of iLIMS contains extensive functionalities and can be adjusted by additional modules to your individual requirements.


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Our software iLIMS is adjusted to your needs and requirements and not the other way around. Scalability and vast possibilities of configuration enable you to set an individual standard of LIMS. Subsequently, we give you a list of essential functionalities which are included in our basic module of iLIMS:

Multi-client capacity
  • As many labs as needed in your system, shared use of master data
  • Administration of users and assigned parts
  • Multi-language-capability, fostering of your corporate wording
  • Individual field and attribute groups
  • Individual spreadsheets with freely selectable columns from the complete data model, storing of screenshots of tables as many as needed per user or department
  • Free search within all fields of data model and the opportunity of individual storing of search requests
Process automation
  • Triggers and scripts to deposit individual functionalities
  • Automatic to-do’s for persons in charge to display their processes in operation
  • Enlargement of data model with simultaneous consistency of the structure of the data base
Laboratory functionality
  • Qualitative, quantitative, calculated and free-text data
  • Data takeover

Additional modules

Beyond basic functionalities iLIMS offers the integration of different add-ons:

Design tools
  • Report designer
  • Interface designer
  • Business process designer
Workflow management
  • Graphic design of processes
  • Assignment of different actions to any knot
  • Combination with to-do administration
Administration of documents
  • Automatic filing of iLIMS documents into the data base or into the filing system
  • Deposition of any desired documents to iLIMS datasets
  • Shortcuts of filed documents to any desired iLIMS-objects
Individual feature evaluation
  • Generating of business graphics
  • Definition and display of diagrams
Chemicals management
  • Typing
  • Inventory
  • Multi-level material components
  • Activities
  • Chemical stock
  • Chemical allocation of mixtures to ingredients
  • Chemical recipes
Test equipment management
  • Maintenance and test plans with feedback and evaluations
  • Relationship to commercial asset accounting
  • Status, blocking of test equipment depending on rules for current test tasks
Control charts
  • Data management for quality assurance
  • Out-of-control scenarios and measures
Management of resources

iLIMS – management of resources supplements our software with business tools. Employees and devices can be managed and assignments of lab tasks given. In case tasks are measured by time, certain analysis is available.

Multi-step releases

Especially in large laboratories it is not sufficient if the lab assistant gathers data, verifies the data and then releases them for the audit report. There is the possibility of implementing a multi-step release. Hereby, any action is linked to a function that the lab supervisor receives a to-do or an Email when a lab task has been completed.